Oxygen – Non-Smoker Tracker

Quitting smoking can be hard and presents a lot of challenges, especially in the beginning. Oxygen was developed to help you overcome these challenges and start your life as a non-smoker!

The app supports you by showing you the benefits of quitting smoking. To do this, it provides you with an overview of your progress as a non-smoker, shows you how your body regenerates and supports you in controlling your cravings and cravings during the smoking cessation.

– Oxygen

Non-Smoking statistics

Everything at a glance! You get an overview of how long you have been smoke-free, how many cigarettes you have not smoked during this time and how much money you have saved.

Health / physical regeneration

Follow your recovery from quitting smoking and watch your body recover and improve your health.

Motivation through achievements

You unlock non-smoking achievements at different intervals, which you can share with friends.